Marianne Flotron's "Work" at conference "Playing Involuntarily"

During our upcoming conference "Unfreiwillige Spiele - Playing Involuntarily" the multi channel video installation Work (2011) by Swiss artist Marianne Flotron is going to be shown to the public in Seminarraum II of the Institute for Theatre Studies.


The video installation "Work" is the result of bringing the Theatre of Oppressed to the employees of a multinational insurance company based in the Netherlands.

The Theatre of Oppressed is a form of participatory theatre originally invented by Augusto Boal in the 1960’s in Brazil with the intention to unmask totalitarian political strategies of the Brasilian dictatorship and to develop ways of resistance. By using different theatre techniques, participants start to detect and understand strategies of oppression and learn through acting the first steps of resistance and change.

For "Work"Marianne Flotron invited the Columbian Theater of Oppressed director Hector Aristizabal to work for one week with the employees of an insurance company in the Netherlands. He set up a forum theater play (a form of the Theatre of Oppressed) at the company’s premises helped by several actors and employees of the company. In the contemporary labor society where most of the subjects identify themselves over work, the project tried to bring up the idea of a possible democratization of work. The video installation/ video "Work" is emphasizing the way the capitalistic economy is forming behavior and influencing mentality by employing knowledge of social science.


You are most cordially invited to experience the installation, and also join in for an artist talk with Marianne Flotron taking place on Saturday July 4th at 19:00 where "Work" and other works will be discussed with the audience.



"Work" (2011) Multi-channel Installation, HDV, Colour, Sound 

Produced by Kunsthalle Bern and Philippe Pirotte

Supported by Mondriaan Foundation Amsterdam, Carola und Guenther Ertle- Ketterer Bern, Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam

Video segment published with the friendly permission of Marianne Flotron.