The subproject investigates the interrelation of business and theatre: One case study focuses on assessment centres, another on corporate theatre in contexts of change management implementation.


Assessment Centres as a Theatrical Device

Florian Evers, M.A.

This case study, "Assessment Centres as a Theatrical Device", is one of the two main research areas of subproject Corporate Theatre. Even within the context of academic research on applied theatre, a theatre studies approach to the subject of the assessment centre appears to be a largely unexplored field. For a considerable time now, theatre studies has been focusing on varieties of theatricality in everyday life and other media phenomena, thereby broadening its focus to sociological and psychological dimensions.


Theatre as a Tool for Communication Management

Fabian Lempa, M.A.

Since the early 1990s, a particular convergence between business and theatre has occurred in Germany. Newly established, professional corporate theatre makers have increasingly been hired by companies and business organizations to utilize theatre methods and events, in order to improve employee communication, to facilitate the exchange of diverse forms of information, or to increase the motivation and improve the moods of staff. In this context, these theatre makers use and combine ideas and concepts from the theatrical avant-garde (especially Moreno, Brecht, Boal, and Johnstone).