The subproject looks into theatre-based therapy practices in the USA, the UK, and Germany, and considers how these three different healthcare systems influence both the status and practice of psychodrama and dramatherapy.


Stagings of Therapy in Psychological and Artistic Practice

Dr. Joy Kristin Kalu

Different aspects of therapy and counselling seem to be increasing in popularity within the realms of contemporary art, theatre, performance, and popular culture. The guiding theme for dOCUMENTA (13) in 2012 was “Collapse and Recovery”. In Kassel, a large number of works focused on personal as well as political crisis and artistic, often performative, strategies of regeneration, many of which borrowed approaches from therapy. In many experimental theatre productions, too, therapeutic settings or therapeutic methods have been used exhaustively since the 1990s.


Embodied Relations

Lilian Seuberling, M.A.

Theatre and therapy often have the capacity to work towards reconnecting society and individuals with parts that split off or were lost during crisis. Lilian Seuberling's research deals with the question of how to initiate processes of transformation and integration in therapy forms that use theatre methods – such as Gestalt therapy, psychodrama, and drama therapy.