The subproject focuses on spaces, regions, and zones that are affected by conditions of conflict and crisis for which we have chosen to look at both Palestine-Israel and at Greece.


The 'Good Pain'. Artistic Practice in Conflict Zones

Kristin Flade, M.A.

“Transforming is what art does, but photography that bears witness to the calamitous and the reprehensible is much criticized if it seems ‘aesthetic’; that is, too much like art,” writes Susan Sontag in “Regarding the Pain of Others”. Particularly when art, not only photography, is created in areas of conflict and war it is not only a witness to suffering, but also an important societal factor for addressing, even reworking, traumatization and other societal crises.


Performing Arts in Greece Today: An Aesthetics of Exodus

Dr. Natascha Siouzouli

Natascha Siouzouli's research focuses on the here-and-now of the performing arts in Greece. She is conducting real-time observation, which will eventually shape her research questions and hypotheses. Beginning with a description of the atmosphere, in which art making currently takes place, she will try to position various artistic phenomena in this context.