The subproject examines Theatre in Education programs in Mexico and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Theatre in Education in Southern Africa

Dr. Julius Heinicke

The title of Julius Heinicke's project, “Theatre in Education in Southern Africa”, conjures many connotations, some of which have a bitter aftertaste: Theatre for Development, Applied Theatre, HIV/AIDS, NGOs, Aid for Developing Countries … Theatre in Education is met with a critical eye not only because it is often associated with injustice, social challenges, and illness, but also because the term 'development' – and other concepts connected with it – is deeply implicated in (neo)colonial power structures.


Social Theatre in Urban Youth Culture Contexts

Dr. Janina Möbius

“Something is rotten in the State of Mexico…” This is the opening phrase of a staging of Shakespeare's play in the outskirts of Mexico City, where marginalized youth present their version of Hamlet to neighbours and friends in the barrio. Janina Möbius's case study “Social Theatre in Urban Youth Culture Context” will investigate governmental and private cultural initiatives that try to provide new perspectives to youth in the periphery of Mexico City.